EMRAX d.o.o. is a development and manufacture oriented company, which produces advanced axial flux synchronous permanent magnet motors and generators that operate on the basis of patent pending technology. EMRAX™ motors have a significantly higher power density compared to any other competing technology at lower cost. An advanced cooling scheme allows the motor to achieve sustained high power operation given the unit’s modest size and weight. High performance EMRAX motors and generators are suitable for various markets and applications. Beginnings of the development date back to the year 2006. Through the years, the company gained plenty of experiences and knowledge regarding different types of electric motor technology, which led to the premium electric motor. But development is a never ending story, therefore, the EMRAX team already has new ideas that keep EMRAX always a step ahead.

The meaning of the EMRAX name:

  • EM stands for the Electric Motor
  • R is the first letter of the innovator’s name, who is Roman
  • AX stands for the axial magnetic flux

The EMRAX motors are used in automotive, motorsport, off-road, marine, industrial, aerospace applications.
Our products are sold worldwide. We are also building an international sales network, which will bring EMRAX motors closer to international customers. EMRAX is an international registered trademark. Patents have also been applied for EMRAX motors.

We are committed to ensuring the highest standards at low costs and easy to use products that incorporate high technology. We believe in the simple, not complex. We are constantly focusing on the innovating and optimising our products and processes. Our vision is to become one of the leading global developers and suppliers of advanced high powered electric motors.

EMRAX motors were developed in 2008 for airplanes, with the intention to make them as light as possible, safe and reliable, thus making the motors interesting for other applications, where the weight and size are important issues. Until now we have developed 5 different motor sizes (diameter 188, 208, 228, 268 and 348 mm). With this series of motors, we can cover most of the needs for EV, boats, ships, airplanes, industrial machines, agriculture, power plants, etc. Every motor can be air, liquid or combined cooled as well as every type can be low, medium or high voltage, which again broadens the applicability. Technology for these engines is patent pending. We started selling these motors in 2008, when the first prototypes were made, but since then we have made a lot of improvements to the prototype motors regarding the product and technological procedures of the production. However, the development is a never ending story; therefore we are persistently moving forward with improvements.

We are committed to ensuring the highest standards at low costs and easy to use products that incorporate high technology.