The development of EMRAX electric motors dates back to year 2005, when Mr. Roman Sušnik (at that time the company ENSTROJ) made the first electric flight in Slovenia and the third in the world. He developed an electric propulsion system for his glider plane with the most suitable electric motor that was then available on the global market. Still, this motor had many irregularities, which caused a forced landing.

This was the reason Mr. Sušnik developed his own electric motor being light weight, powerful, ultimately reliable and having no vibration and no noise. With this in mind he made a few prototypes from radial to axial flux motors. The test results showed that axial flux motors are the winners for his application, because of high power and torque at low RPM and light weight. The first axial flux prototype motor, with the name EMRAX, which stands for Electric Motor Roman Axial flux, was made in year 2008. Mr. Sušnik mounted this motor onto his airplane and tested it. Because of a large interest of the airplane industry, he began to produce these motors. Due to EMRAX motor performances (the highest power density) and low price compared to competitors, other fields of industry also began to show interest. Mr. Sušnik made some improvements of the EMRAX motor and developed a few more motor sizes, to cover more market needs.

The company ENSTROJ changed to company EMRAX and we now produce the EMRAX motor line, which consists of 4 motor sizes (diameter 208, 228, 268 and 348 millimetres), and every motor can be made for 3 voltages (high/medium/low) and has a specific cooling option (air/liquid/combined). The development is a never ending story, therefore we are planning to add more motors to our EMRAX motor line and adapt the motors as much as possible to the global market needs.