Customized Motors

CUSTOMIZED EMRAX MOTORS                                                   

Our standard motors are designed for usage in many applications. Customer can choose from 5 different motor sizes (188/208/228/268/348) – each size can be made for high/medium/low voltage and each motor can be air/liquid/combined cooled. However, specific technology of EMRAX motors allows us to provide even more customizations for our customers, which are:

  • Customized motor winding: Even though we offer low/medium/high voltage motors, we can still make some winding modification for the customers that need higher/lower RPM according to their battery voltage.
  • Customized motor shaft:
    • hollow shaft with bigger hole diameter
    • shaft with multi splines.
  • Special bearings for different magnitude and orientation of the force.
  • Doubled phase connectors (UVW): One motor can be fitted with two controllers to gain enough motor current. In this case the motor also has a redundancy option.
  • Longer phase connectors (UVW): Up to 150 mm.
  • Phase connectors on the opposite side (on the left side instead on the right side).
  • Customized weight: Lighter motors for example aero applications.

We are capable of producing the smallest volume and the lightest weight motors in their class.

EMRAX axial flux motors achieve power densities of up to 10 kW/kg and torque densities which are significantly better than the nearest competitive motor topology. High power densities are achieved at relatively low speeds (3000-8000 RPM) which make the motor ideally suited for hybrid, generation and aviation markets.

As well as our standard products, EMRAX creates custom products for volume manufacture which meet a specific torque, power and speed requirement at the highest operating efficiency at the lowest possible unit production cost.