EMRAX 348 Technical Data Summary
Mechanical Electrical
Type: Axial flux synchronous permanent magnet motor/generator; sinusoidal three phase Maximal battery voltage: 800 (HV) / 800 (MV) / 340 (130) (LV) Vdc
Casing diameter: 348 mm Peak power
(at 4000 RPM):
300 kW
Axial length: 107 mm Continuous power*: up to 150 kW
Dry mass: 39 kg (AC) / 40 kg (CC, LC) Peak torque: 1000 Nm
Stator cooling: air (IP21) / water glycol (IP65) / combined (IP21) Continuous torque*: up to 500 Nm
Mounting: Front: 6x M10 threaded holes
Back: 10x M8 threaded holes
Efficiency: up to 98%

* Depends on the rotation speed and thermal conditions.

EMRAX 348 Technical Data Table

EMRAX 348 Dimensions

EMRAX 348 User’s Manual

An overview of our product, the technical specification and the measurements.