Two same sized EMRAX motors can be stacked together to achieve double power and torque.

Emrax twin vs. single

For assembling EMRAX TWIN additional parts are required:

  • First motor needs the Extended shaft with outer splines (ESO)
  • Second motor needs the Flanged shaft with inner splines (FSI)
  • 2 pcs of X shape brackets made from stainless steel
  • Position and rotation speed sensors, that can be used are tandem resolver, encoder or hall sensors. For more information about sensors, please consult with controller producers and read User’s Manual for EMRAX Motors.

The first motor is connected to the second motor by using the ESO shaft, FSI shaft and two X shape brackets.

EMRAX 228 Dimensions

EMRAX User’s Manual

An overview of our product, the technical specification and the measurements.